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Why is my air-conditioner leaking?

Leaking aircon. This could be one of the worst (aircon) nightmare for homeowners. When you encounter a leaking aircon, YOU are the first responder to the leaking problem. So, stay calm, and pay attention to the following useful tips. You are the first responder to a leaking air-conditioner Common Causes and Solutions To know how to rectify a leaking air-conditioner, knowing the possible causes of the leak is important. Top 5 common causes of leaking aircon are: Clogged air filter will affect the air flow in the air-conditioning system and would likely to cause the evaporator coil to be frozen. The ice formed on the coil will then melt and cause a leak. Ideally, you should clean or replace th

What is BTU?

Very often that we will get bombarded by jargons by the salesperson when we are sourcing for air-conditioners, be it for our new home or office. But not to worry, help is just right below! We have prepared a cheatsheet for our consumers to understand the jargons so as to make your aircon shopping experience a better one! To find out more... Email us at or call us at 6475 4373.

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