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3 Most Important Factors to Consider When You Buy Air-cons

The hot climate in Singapore has made air-conditioners a necessity at home. And we know that it is one of the big ticket items, which you have to allocate some (or much) of your renovation budget on. Sometimes, it's very enticing to choose the aircon contractor that gives you the lowest price. But there are other important factors that you should also take into consideration when you buy air-cons that would help you to save money in the long run. 1. Workmanship for Aircon Installation Aircon workmanship plays a huge part and difference on the durability of your air-cons in the long run. Most aircon buyers would firstly google "best aircon brands" or "cheap aircon". But the workmanship and sk

Why does my air-conditioner take very long to cool my bedroom?

Although the level of coldness is subjective to each and every individual, your air-conditioner should not take forever to cool your room. Here are some reasons why your room takes very long to be cooled. Your air-con shouldn't take forever to cool your room Insufficient Capacity To cool your bedroom efficiently, your bedroom has to be installed with the right number of air-conditioner(s) with the correct capacity. To determine the right capacity, factors such as size of the room, no. of persons, heat emitted from appliances, have to be taken into consideration. When your purchase air-conditioners for your home, you may wish to highlight to the air-conditioning contractor of any special situ

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