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This optional air-puriifying filter is used in addition to the filter included on Daikin mini-split systems. With its photocatalytic deodorizing function, this air purifying filter is able to trap microscopic particles, decompose odors and even remove bacteria and deactivate viruses. It features a large active surface area that effectively cleans the high volumes of air required to air-condition your rooms. The filter delivers consistent performance for approximately 3 years if regular washing (with water) is performed about every 6 months.

This filter is not a medical device. The benefits of absorption and decomposition of bacteria are only effective for substances that are collected on and in direct contact with the Air-Purifying Filter with Photocatalytic Deodorizing Function. It is for use with Daikin ductless mini-split systems that use wall-mounted indoor units.


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Daikin Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying Filter (PM 2.5)

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  • This product is non-refundable and non-exchangeable due to hygiene issue.