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Air-con Servicing & Maintenance

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In this warm and humid country, air-conditioners are truly one of the essential appliances in your homes and offices. Service your air-conditioners regularly to maintain its functionality and efficiency, which in turn gives you more savings on your utility bills. Ideally, you should service your air-conditioners once every 30 days.

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Chemical Cleaning

If your air-conditioner is not cold, it does not neccesarily mean it is spoilt. It could be due to problems with the blower coil (i.e. water leakage or formation of jelly-like substance) that can be largely resolved after chemical cleaning. Other issues like bad odour, hot air emitting from the air-conditioner, or increasing of electricity bill unreasonably can also be resolved with regular chemical wash. It is advisable to chemical wash your air-conditioners every six (6) months.

All electrical components
All settings
Refrigerant system
Blower wheel and blade
Condenser coil
Condensate drain pan
Condensate water drainage system
Lubricate all movable parts
Dismantle and re-install evaporator unit
Top up of refrigerant
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