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Find a Daikin Proshop near you.

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1 Sengkang Square #04-25

Singapore 544078

Compass One Shopping Mall

Opens from 11:00am till 9:30pm

(Opens daily)

Latest Daikin Promotion

Come and see the best of
Daikin at our stores.

Let us do the right pairing of quality and cool air for your home.

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Only at Daikin Proshop

Enjoy Extended Warranty for Daikin iSmileECO!

Valid from now till 30 Jun 2024. While stocks last.

Only at Daikin Proshop

Get additional 3 months warranty for air-conditioning products purchased at Daikin Proshop.

Our experienced sales ambassadors and air-con installers will give their best to handle your

air-con needs.

Only premium materials for your air-conditioners

Strictly use of DSP Materials such as copper pipes, trunking & insulations that are all manufactured in-house by Daikin.

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Maintain your air-conditioners regularly makes them last longer and better.

0% interest installment plan with Standard Chartered Cards when you buy at our Daikin Proshop.

Alternatively, you may also contact your bank on their 0% installment plan offerings.

Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with Daikin Air Purifer. Self-cleaning so that you do not need to change air filter for the next 10 years*!

*This result was obtained by using a Streamer discharge device for testing in lab conditions.
The effect of products equipped with Streamer technology or results in actual use environments may differ.

Be smarter than just controlling your air-conditioners.

With Reiri for Home, controlling the whole house with a mobile App has never been easier.

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