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Get up to 70% Government Support for New 5-Tick Air-conditioners under Energy Efficiency Grant!

Getting new air-conditioners for your cafes, restaurants or central kitchen? You will be thrilled to know that Government is supporting you for getting energy-saving air-conditioners for your premises!

Are you eligible for this Grant?

First, you will need to know if you are eligible for this grant, namely the Energy Efficiency Grant funded by Enterprise Singapore. If you are an SME in the following sectors, you should check out the detailed eligibility criteria via the GoBusiness website:

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Food Services

  • Retail

How can we help you to apply for this Grant?

If you are looking to kick start the green initiative in your food premises by starting with installing more energy-saving air-conditioners and lightings, contact us as you will need to get a quotation from us to submit your application for Energy Efficiency Grant!

You may wish to check out what brands and models are pre-approved under Energy Efficiency Grant directly at GoBusiness website:

EEG Pre-Approved Air-conditioners:

EEG Pre-Approved LED Lightings:

When will Energy Efficiency Grant end?

Based on GoBusiness website, the grant application window for the EEG is from 1 Sep 2022 (7:00AM) to 31 Mar 2024 [Extended].


Contact us today for a quotation to submit your application for Energy Efficiency Grant!

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Disclaimer: This blog post and/or Poh Meng Engineering Pte Ltd does not hold responsible for any rejection/approval of the Grant application. You should visit the official GoBusiness and Enterprise Singapore websites to find out more about the prevailing eligibility conditions and policies by the relevant authorities.

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