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Daikin Aircon Promotion 2023: Smarter Savings Year End Promotion

Daikin Aircon Promotion: Smarter Savings

From now till 31 Dec 2023, enjoy more savings before the year end! Receive FREE NTUC voucher* with purchase of Daikin iSmileEco Series (System 2 & above - applicable to MKM50/75/85/100VVMG):

  • System 2: $80 NTUC voucher

  • System 3: $200 NTUC voucher

  • System 4: $300 NTUC voucher

Do take note that if you are getting more than 1 set of air-conditioners for your home (i.e. 2 sets of System 2), you will be entitled for $80 x 2 = $160 NTUC vouchers.

What air-con series are eligible for this promotion?

Only Daikin iSmileECO Series (System 2 and above) is eligible for this Daikin Aircon Promotion.

Where to enjoy this promotion?

Daikin Proshop Compass One

Daikin Proshop Junction Nine

Compass One Shopping Mall