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Besides Climate Vouchers, how to save even more on your air-conditioners?

Save more besides climate voucher
Save more besides climate voucher

Besides using Climate Vouchers to purchase a set of 5-tick air-conditioners, there are a few tricks and tips on how you can even save more!

Tip 1: "Don't" always turn off your air-con

What kind of tip is this?! 🤯 While you should turn off your air-con while not in use, that's not always the case. If you only need to leave your house briefly (within an hour), you should actually do the opposite! Keeping your air-conditioners turned on will save you more energy. It takes more energy to cool the room down again upon your return if you were to turn the air-con down.

Tip 2: Be smart and step up with technology

You must have already heard that setting your air-con temperature at 25°C is the most efficient. This is right. But sometimes, the weather is way too hot for your comfort and you simply can't wait. Why don't you change to smart air-conditioners so that you can switch on your air-conditioners with your mobile phone 📱 while you are on your way home.

Tip 3: Choose air-conditioners that are just right

Always engage certified and well-trained air-con specialist so that you get the most optimal combination of air-conditioners with the right BTU based the size of your home or office. From outdoor to indoor units, air-conditioners installed with good workmanship saves you money and time in the long run. After all, air-conditioners are installed for your comfort (not to give you heat 😡)!

Tip 4: Clean your air-con so that your air-con and wallet will not work harder 💸

Air filters that are clogged will make your air-con less efficient and worse still, breathing in bad quality indoor air 🤮 Even if you do not wish to get your air-con professionally cleaned, please at least clean the air filter yourself lah!

Tip 5: Don't turn on your air-con (Bonus tips)

Contrary to Tip 1, turn off your air-con when not in use. Additionally, cover your windows and block out heat to prevent warming up your room, especially on very sunny days. Use of exhaust fan could also draw hot air from your home. Create cross ventilation by positioning a fan across from an open window can also help to cool down your space without using air-conditioners.

If you have better tips, please also do share with us by commenting on this post! We are all here to learn 😇


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