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Why does my air-conditioner take very long to cool my bedroom?

Air-con takes too long to cool my room

Although the level of coldness is subjective to each and every individual, your air-conditioner should not take forever to cool your room. Here are some reasons why your room takes very long to be cooled.


Your air-con shouldn't take forever to cool your room


Insufficient Capacity

To cool your bedroom efficiently, your bedroom has to be installed with the right number of air-conditioner(s) with the correct capacity. To determine the right capacity, factors such as size of the room, no. of persons, heat emitted from appliances, have to be taken into consideration. When your purchase air-conditioners for your home, you may wish to highlight to the air-conditioning contractor of any special situation or requests you have!

Dirty / Blocked Air Filters

A well-maintained air-conditioner will take good care of your comfort. Dirty air filters will restrict the air flow and affects the cooling efficiency.

Low Refrigerant

If the refrigerant is too low to bring the heat out of your room, your room will take a longer time to be cooled. Topping up refrigerant can only be done by licensed air-con contractor.

The Weather is Just Too Hot

The outdoor temperature definitely affects the indoor temperature as your air-conditioner has to work harder and takes longer time to bring down the temperature in your room. Besides setting a lower temperature, you should close the curtains (if there's any sunlight entering the room) and always keep all doors and windows closed!

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