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Daikin iSmileECO vs. iSmile Series - What are the differences?

Many customers who had walked into our Daikin Proshop x Poh Meng Engineering with this question in mind: "What is the difference between iSmileECO and iSmile Series?". We will bring you through all the salient enhancements that iSmileECO has as compared to iSmile!

As the name suggests, iSmileECO is more eco-friendly as it uses R32 Refrigerant that has zero impact on ozone layer depletion and Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). The larger the GWP, the more that a given gas warms the Earth relative to the emissions of 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide. On the other hand, iSmile uses R410A Refrigerant, which consumes more refrigerant and is less eco-friendly.

In terms of energy savings, iSmileECO is in the lead with 5 Ticks in full line-up, that is, huge savings on the utility bills and huge comfort for you and your family. Although both smile co and iSmile are both 5 Ticks, iSmileECO does save more money for you:

Annual Energy Cost*








While there is no other apple-to-apple comparison besides iSmileECO's MKM50 and iSmile's MKS50, iSmileECO's MKM75 only has an annual energy cost of $576 as compared to iSmile's MKS65 that has a lower cooling capacity, but incurs $56 more annual energy cost. Likewise, iSmileECO's MKM85 has a higher cooling capacity and it incurs $23 lesser annual energy cost than that of iSmile's MKS80.

*The data for Annual Energy Cost shown in this article is from the official NEA's Energy Efficiency Rating for the respective condensers mentioned.

In terms of technology, both iSmileECO and iSmile Series are smart enough to allow users to control the air-conditioners through a mobile app. Gone were the days of rushing back home to switch of the air-conditioners if forgotten to do so or waiting for air-conditioners to cool the house when returning home perspiring.

We have heard from our customers that they no longer need the remote controller as they are able to control the air-conditioners more conveniently on their mobile phones! From now till 30 Jun 2022, customers can exchange their iSmileECO remote controllers for $50 NTUC Voucher each!

If you are looking to install iSmileECO Series for your home, now is the time! Be rewarded with extended warranty for going green! With every purchase of iSmileECO or iSmile (System 3 & above), you get a 3-year general warranty. If you buy from Daikin Proshop x PME, you get an additional 6 months warranty, which adds up to 3.5 years of general warranty!


PLUS! If you buy from Daikin Proshop x PME, you get an additional 6 months warranty, which adds up to 3.5 years of general warranty!


Questions? Come on down to our Daikin Proshop today!

Daikin Proshop @ Junction Nine Shopping Mall​

18 Yishun Ave 9 #02-21​

Singapore 768897​

6250 0808​

Daikin Proshop @ Compass One Shopping Mall​

1 Sengkang Square #04-25​

Singapore 545078​

6388 0808


Terms & Conditions

  1. Get 3 years general warranty (inclusive of 1st year standard general warranty) with purchase of Daikin iSmileEco Series(MKM50/75/85/100VVMG) or iSmile Series (MKS50/65/80/90TVMG) system 3 & above from 4th April 2022 – 30 June 2022, Installation by 31st August 2022 and warranty registration by 14th September 2022 a. Only valid to warranty cards submitted to Daikin with promo code of “DL24” within promotional period

  2. For purchase of Daikin iSmileEco Series (MKM50/75/85/100VVMG) system 3 & above, you can exchange the remote controller for $50 NTUC Vouchers each, limited to the first 500 customers who register on and receive confirmation email from Daikin a. Customers are to provide confirmation email for verification during redemption of NTUC vouchers. b. Redemption of NTUC Vouchers is to be done at Daikin Spare Parts Center (10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 Singapore 569501) during operating hours only. Weekday (Monday to Friday ,9am-12pm, 2– 5pm), Weekend (Saturday 9am -12pm) by 24th September 2022 c. Only iSmileEco Remote Controller (model: ARC466A41 or ARC466A43) is applicable for exchange and must be brand new condition in original packaging. Daikin Singapore reserves the right to reject any remote controller that is not in acceptable condition. 3. All redemptions are based on first come first serve, while stocks last basis. 4. There will be strictly no replacement upon full redemption. 5. Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other discounts or promotions 6. All deadlines are to be strictly adhered to and there will be no extensions. 7. Daikin reserves the right to reject any claims due to inadequate submission of information 8. Daikin Singapore reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time.


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