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Daikin iSmile vs. Smile Series - What are the differences?

The first question we asked ourselves when we saw the latest Daikin iSmile Series was "Isn't it look exactly the same as Smile Series?!". And yes, there has not been any face-lift for iSmile Series and it looks the same as Smile Series. However, when we scrutinised deeper, we found that iSmiles Series have been introduced to improve the quality of our lives as the world is moving forward to digitalisation.

In this article, we will lay out the differences between iSmile and Smile Series.

Greater Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

iSmile Series now comes in smaller capacity (MKS50TVMG - 16,400 BTU per hour) to cool smaller rooms or space as effectively as those of larger capacity. Previously, Smiles Series offered at least MKS65QVMG (21,200 BTU per hour). Also, you can now opt for 1 indoor unit with any outdoor unit for iSmiles Series!

Having the right capacity in comparison between iSmile (MKS50) and Smile (MKS65), you can:

  1. Save up to $216/year in your electricity bill!

  2. Save up to $250 in price

  3. Save the environment!

Comparison of Outdoor Units between iSmile & Smile Series

Comparison of Daikin iSmile and Smile

iSmile is Smarter

With its built-in Smart Control, you do not need to buy D-Mobile Adaptor that costs about $400 in the market to attach it to your air-conditioners to make it smarter. Imagine, for a System-3 iSmile Series, you can save about $1,200 for not having to purchase separate D-Mobile Adaptor!

All you need is to download the FREE mobile app (DAIKIN Mobile Controller) and control your air-conditioners anytime, anywhere!

You can even make your iSmile air-conditioners even smarter by connecting it to D'SmartHome, where you could control your air-conditioners, air purifier, lightings, and even security systems i.e. IP Cameras from your mobile phone seamlessly. With a smart home system, devices and appliances can be connected to communicate with one another to bring your lifestyle to the next level.

Better and Cleaner Air with PM 2.5 Filter

Not only for the once-every-September occurrence that you would need to purify your indoor air. In fact, with prevalence of air contaminants in our daily lives, we have to be protected well by improving the indoor air quality.

iSmile Series have PM 2.5 Filter that effectively blocks particles that are small enough to be breathed deep into the lungs, which children, people over 65 and pregnant women are highly sensitive to. You get even more protection if you were to couple it with an air purifier!


Having the right capacity, you can save up to $216/year

in your electricity bill!


At A Glance: Benefits of iSmile

A quick comparison between iSmile and Smile Series as follows:

Comparison of Features - Daikin iSmile vs Smile Series

Current Promotion for iSmile Series

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Terms and conditions apply.

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