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Why is my air-conditioner leaking?

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Leaking aircon. This could be one of the worst (aircon) nightmare for homeowners. When you encounter a leaking aircon, YOU are the first responder to the leaking problem. So, stay calm, and pay attention to the following useful tips.


You are the first responder

to a leaking air-conditioner


Common Causes and Solutions

To know how to rectify a leaking air-conditioner, knowing the possible causes of the leak is important. Top 5 common causes of leaking aircon are:

Clogged air filter will affect the air flow in the air-conditioning system and would likely to cause the evaporator coil to be frozen. The ice formed on the coil will then melt and cause a leak. Ideally, you should clean or replace the air filter at least once every 1 or 2 months. Coupled with regularly servicing, your air-conditioners will give you less problems and headache!

If there is a faulty or broken pump, the overflow pan will leak as a result of excessive water not being able to drain off. An indication of broken pump is when there is a leak at the overflowing pan. However, to check the pump and replace it is not possible without professional help. Hence, you should respond immediately by engaging a professional air-conditioning contractor.

A blocked drain pipe can cause a leak as well. Removing the debris accumulated in the drain pipe would help to resolve the leak.

Leaking condenser coil may or may not be visible easily as it occurs at the condenser. And it is not advisable to reach out to the condenser as it could be dangerous especially when it is installed at the height outside your house. Hence, you should engage trained aircon technicians to fix the leaking condenser coil.


Based on over 30 years' experience in the air-conditioning industry,

it still boils down to proper and quality installation and regular maintenance for longer lasting air-conditioners


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